“Hannah Baker” is still going to commit suicide…unless we all change!

Let’s be honest, if you haven’t already watched the Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why, you’ve heard someone talk about it or you saw it mentioned somewhere on social media. I can honestly say that I have a love/hate relationship with the show. I was hooked within minutes and watched the entire season in under 48 hours. Yes, I heard there was a book. No, I didn’t read it; which doesn’t really matter since I heard it’s not following the book anyways. There’s so many questions I have, so many answers I need in order to solve the various puzzles that were left unfinished. Spoiler alert (not really, it’s just the known basics): The show is about a high school student, Hannah Baker, and the 13 audio tapes she left before committing suicide. Each tape is about a specific person and their role in her life- a reason for her wanting to commit suicide. Instead of getting into detail about the show, the main focus, to me at least, was already said… She ENDED her life. That’s what’s being overlooked.

One thing I love about this series is that the events that take place in the show are actual events that take place every single day: RAPE, SUICIDE, STALKING, ALCOHOLISM, BETRAYAL, BEING USED, DEATH, and so much more. Not only are these things happening on a daily basis to adults, but they’re occurring in all schools starting in middle school. One thing that I’ve noticed since the show being released was an increase in the amount of people saying that suicide is a serious issue. You are 100% correct! Suicide is an extremely serious issue. Do you know that suicide is the second highest leading cause of death between the ages 14-24?

What I find interesting is that a great majority of the people saying how awful suicide is, are the SAME people who continue to hurt others, mock people, make fun of strangers. Perfect example, show was recently released and not even a month later former NFL star, Aaron Hernandez, was found dead in his jail cell due to suicide. How is it that the same people saying “suicide isn’t funny”, are the same people tweeting and posting jokes about his death? I don’t care what someone did for you to think little of them, or to have zero sympathy for them. To make fun of someone and make jokes about someone taking their life is the lowest thing I hear come out of people’s mouth.

One thing I kinda expect out of this show is more awareness to suicide. I know it doesn’t happen over night and the decline in the high percentage of suicide attempts, and successes, is going to take some time, but there is one thing that doesn’t take long to do and that’s have a change of heart, learn warning signs, and learn what you can do to save the “Hannah Baker”s of the world. It doesn’t take much to be a nicer person. Hug someone when you see them for the first time that day or even when they’re leaving. Smile at the strangers you make eye contact with in public. Say hi to someone who is within a few feet from you. Something so small like that can change someones view on the world. I could sit here for hours and write different warning signs of someone who is suicidal, or what we can do to help someone who is suicidal, but you can do very little and help save someone’s life. Be kinder to one another, even if you strongly dislike someone just be nice anyways. We don’t live forever, so why live with hate in our hearts. Listen to a friend and be a friend to someone. Reassure that your friends can talk to you no matter what and that you’re going to be there for them. One of our jobs as a friend is to lift our friends up when they’re feeling down. Be a light in someone’s darkness!

If anyone out there is struggling with depression or just needs someone to talk to, I hope you have the confidence to come talk to me. I will never judge you for anything you’ve done in your life nor will I share anything that you don’t want shared. I simply want to be there for those who feel  like they have no where to turn. I survived the darkness and I want to help you conquer yours too

“One hug can save a life”-Tyler Wyman

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  1. I love this post! Praying for everyone to take suicide prevention more seriously! Thank you for being there for any of us who are alone


  2. I think it all depends on the person. There’s people who truly plan it out and then there are the spontaneous acts. But thanks to the show being released it does have more people talking about it, which led to schools sending out letters to parents regarding the whole topic, warning signs, etc. I can only pray that the numbers start declining over time.


  3. They did such a better job with the series, filling in problematic issues with the book. When I first read the book, I thought, “Holy f*#k, this glamorizes suicide and this is not okay.” I was nervous about watching the series, but I felt they really gave Clay a purpose (he had none in the book), and addressed issues differently with Hannah. It opened up a conversation, and for that I am thankful, but we definitely have so much more work to do.

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  4. I just finished the series this week, being a mother and aunt to young ones and teens, it was such an eye opener in many aspects. Great post!

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  5. I’m still debating if I should start watching it or not ,been hearing a lot of mixed reviews about it and I’m not quite sure how it makes me feel. But depression is real and suicide is not to be taken lightly and if it will help people overcome their struggles and get a different prospective I’m all in .

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  6. Mental health needs to lose the stigma that it holds in the public, because so many people are affected by mental illnesses everyday. While I’m pleased that this show brought some attention to suicide, I don’t think it was presented in the most tactful way sadly.


  7. So sad that so many young lives are lost because they feel they have no other choice. While I personally can’t relate to that severe level hopelessness, I do realize that many people are not able to see beyond their trials and tribulations. God help us all to see the bigger picture.


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